Stream Processing and SQL are Better Together

Your data stream is continuous
Now your data processing is continuous too

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1. Pull & run RisingWave

docker run -it --pull=always -p 4566:4566 \
-p 5691:5691 playground

2. Connect to RisingWave

 psql -h localhost -p 4566 \ 
-d dev -U root
Docker required. Learn more in theUser Docs.

How It Works?

RisingWave cares about performance and cost-efficiency. We use a tiered architecture that fully utilizes the cloud resources to give the users fine-grained control over cost and performance.
The computer and storage layers are fully decoupled, allowing on-demand scaling separately and infinitely, and a well-optimized caching layer is added in the middle of these two layers, thus reducing the frequency of remote storage access.
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