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RisingWave Labs is an early-stage startup that innovates the next-generation database systems. The company develops RisingWave, a cloud-native SQL streaming database for modern real-time applications.

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The Beginning
RisingWave Labs was founded in early 2021. The team includes a group of experienced database researchers and practitioners who were previously employed in pioneering companies such as AWS Redshift, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, LinkedIn, Uber, etc.
What Our CEO Says
In early 2022, we open-sourced RisingWave, a cloud-native streaming database. RisingWave is developed on the mission to democratize stream processing — to make stream processing simple, affordable, and accessible. You may check out our recent blog, document, and source code for more information about RisingWave.
Yingjun Wu
Build stream processing apps without a team of data engineers
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